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june 25, 2015 - just few hours aftern born :-) 25 Juin 2015, juste quelques heures apres la naissance!
BB Kellybell

April 2015 - 24 of life :-) Avril 2015 - 24 hres de vie!
BB Happy Tchoo

Diesel, Peluche & Sharpie

Passion feline Dream whip... My water!!

Passion Feline Diesel & Peluche

Passion Feline Dream Whip . pro de la tablette!

Passion Feline Dream Whip découvre la tablet!

Lily White & Sharpie

Peluche la Kangourou!

Kuorii Casanova & temptation!

Passion Feline Lily White

Steeplechase Cheez Whiz aime Tim Horton

Passion Feline BlueMoon

Passion Feline Happy Tchoo

Passion Feline Happy Tchoo!

Happy Tchoo and brother

kittens 2013

GC Passion Feline The King Smurf and CH Passion Feline Abracadabra
Brother & sister! /// Frere & Soeur

GC Passion Feline The King Smurf - 6 months

Ryder (Passion Feline Captain Crunch)

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